July 15-16, 2020 / Online

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An interview with Sheryl Cababa

We can't wait to hear Sheryl's talk this summer on designing backwards, using outcomes to avoid unintended consequences. In this week's interview we dive into some of the key points from that.

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An interview with Saata Bangura

Today’s chat is with Saata Bangura who speaks to us about design; it needs to be factual, substantive, mindful of biases and help the broader design community think less narrowly, inviting in people who don’t represent “the norm”.

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An interview with Jessica MacQueen and Sophia Hoosein

Kindred spirits across government agencies Jessica and Sophia talk to us about doing content design work in a large government setting; how they found that while transforming behemoth organizations from the inside can lead to feeling like institutional killjoys, it’s actually a badge of honour.

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