July 21-22, 2021 / Online

July 21-22, 2021 / Online

The Conference for Designers & Content Strategists — we're better together

Designers and content strategists team up. Hear from industry leaders about crafting experiences and telling stories that shape the future of the web. Two days of talks and thoughtful extras focused on delivering inclusive content and design outcomes.


The world’s premier design and content strategy conference

Sara Wachter-Boettcher


I honestly cannot recommend this event enough if your work touches design and content.

Dave Shea


I'm calling it: @dcontentconf is the new gold standard for diversity of speakers and topics.

Pez Pengelly


I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT this conference is to the tech community!

Leigh K. Hoopes


Deeply appreciative of @dcontentconf's inclusive and extensive Code of Conduct for this event. So important.

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