July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

Whose Page Is It Anyway? Creating a content workflow that serves the audience

Written by Malaika Carpenter

July 27, 2019

Creating engaging user experiences is a journey that involves many people: stakeholders, designers, content strategists, developers, and (of course) your audience. And serving our audience is why we create those experiences. Right? Sometimes, in practice, our project goals become more about delighting our clients or bosses than our end users. So, how can we ensure the work we do is in service of our target audience? Think about audience wants and needs early and throughout our workflow. This talk share practical strategies for how you can do just that.

Key take-aways: - How to bring audience research into your day-to-day work. - How to align your team’s goal with your target audiences’ goals. - A practical exercise for helping you accomplishing both.