July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

How UX writing is a lot like wine tasting

Lightning Talk

How UX writing is a lot like wine tasting,

To make collaboration between writers, designers, researchers, engineers, and product managers more seamless and non-linear, I think we need to develop more inclusive and collaborative work habits.

I’ve developed a way of approaching projects that works well for me as a UX writer on a design team, and I’m always trying to improve it.

Four main elements of my workflow are: - defining context - exploration - testing copy - pairing copy with visual and interaction design

Comparing these elements to my first experience of visiting a California winery shows how they work together. Like the parts of my workflow — learning about terroir, sensory observation, how to talk about wine with other people, and how to pair wine with food — are part of the experience of tasting wine, but they aren't truly distinct from each other.

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