July 15-17, 2020 / Vancouver, BC

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Content Team

Change our approach to content team leadership

Jonathon Colman

Leaders of content strategy and UX writing teams in product organizations are often asked to "do more with less." So they stretch their teams to cover many products per person—sometimes 5-10 or more. This forces their team to constantly switch contexts, spend most of their days in meetings without reserving "maker time" to do the work, miss opportunities to have meaningful impact on product and design strategy, fail to develop as design professionals, and ultimately to burn out and leave the organization... only to repeat the cycle anew elsewhere.

In 2020, we need to change our approach to content team leadership. There's a better way forward for you, your team, and our industry: do less to achieve more.

I'll show you how we've completely re-written the content strategy playbook at Intercom so that everyone works on just one product at a time. You'll see how we hold content designers accountable to work in the same ways and achieve the same results as product designers. And you'll find out how this increases the team's impact, improves their sense of fulfillment, and accelerates their professional growth, all while showing the organization the real-world outcomes of dedication content design work.

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