July 25-27, 2018 / Vancouver, BC

Designing Digital Objects: A Crash Course in Object-Oriented UX

Design elegant, modular systems

Sophia V Prater

Object-Oriented Design is no longer for just for programmers! UX designers around the world are beginning to leverage a methodology for thinking and designing in objects—objects that reflect users’ mental models, as well as behind-the-scenes CMSs and databases. Harmony at last!

Object-Oriented UX helps business teams, designers, and developers create a shared language, smoothing out the product development process. With OOUX, you’ll design elegant, modular systems that can travel across devices with consistency and efficiency.

But best of all, OOUX helps us create better navigation for our users. In this talk, Sophia will give us a crash course in the value of OOUX and her methodology of object mapping. If you like content modeling, you're going to love object mapping.