July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

Conversation Design for Disappearing Interfaces

A content designer's job becomes more important than eve

Conversation Design for Disappearing Interfaces,

By now, most designers have either interacted with a chatbot, AI, or other voice-activated tool. When we design them, we obsess over the details once our object has come into being. More than anything, we emphasize to ourselves — and to our clients — how hard we work to create a human-like experience. More often than not, we begin anthropomorphizing it after we’ve named the thing and started writing its script. Simple bots with only a couple of tasks in a closed content system will usually work just fine with this approach. And it’s easy to understand why we’d begin this way.

As designers, we’re focused on human-centered experiences, and we think, “A user will have the best experience with this bot if the conversation feels human.” But as interfaces disappear, and users interact more with voice and conversation, "human" becomes a bit of a paradox, and a content designer's job becomes more important than ever.

What we'll talk about:

  • How to approach content design for optimal user experiences with AI, bots, and other voice-activated systems
  • How to build a team that works towards the same goals
  • How to keep inclusion and diversity close to development, avoiding data bias as you build"

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