July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

Building empathy in India and beyond

Learnings from emerging markets and what it can teach us about users everywhere

Building empathy in India and beyond,

This talk will focus on Sara's work building products and creating content experiences for users in India and what it can teach us about all of our users, whether they’re new to the internet in Jaipur or a person in the U.S. learning English.

We face constraints designing for emerging markets and the best practices we’ve developed based on what we know. This talk will take a step back from that and use India as a case study for how we can begin to think differently about designing experiences for people whose language – and mental models – may be different than our own.

Sara will touch on the following:

  • Overview of users in India + landscape of emerging market internet usage to give context
  • Case studies where “traditional” design and content practices didn’t work for us, and what we did differently

Based on this work in India, 3 assumptions often made designing products and practical ways we can start to challenge them that are true beyond emerging markets: (1) that people can understand the language in an experience (literacy); (2) that people have the same mental models we do (comprehension); and (3) that people understand internet conventions

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