July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

Brand Messaging

The critical link between business strategy and content strategy

Brand Messaging,

There’s often a disconnect between what a business says and what it actually does. It’s almost like marketing and content people live in one room, while people who drive the business and build the product live in another. Do they ever hang out, or are they just slipping Post-It notes underneath the door? 

Brand messaging is the connective tissue that brings key business units into alignment, creating a foundation that connects what you do with the people you want to reach. It isn’t a tagline or a handful of personality traits. Rather, brand messaging is a thoughtful, detailed exploration of why you do what you do, who you do it for, what you do to fulfill their needs, and how it all comes together. 

In this talk, I’ll discuss why brand messaging is so important, and share a framework for creating messaging that is clear, resonant, and memorable. I’ll explain about why it’s so important to bring people across the company into the process, even when it’s messy and uncomfortable. We’ll explore the hard truth that creating brand messaging is neither easy nor fast – and why that’s a good thing. 

No matter what size your business, or what industry you’re in, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how a brand messaging framework can help and your team gain clarity and focus.

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