July 15-16, 2020 / Online

Saata Bangura / Design Director, The 3% Movement

An award-winning, multidisciplinary creative

Talk / Designing for a Better World

Saata Bangura is an award-winning, multidisciplinary creative whose work centers around high-impact visual representation. As a freelance art director, design director, graphic designer and fine artist, her career spans numerous organizations in the tech, marketing, entertainment and nonprofit industries. Some of the past brands Saata has worked on include Disney, Star Wars: Force for Change and Major League Baseball. Her designs can be seen at The 3% Conference and in AdWeek publications. Operating from the intersection of creativity, mindfulness and curiosity, she has a track record of creating change and making impact. Saata is a proud first-generation American with roots in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and she often writes about diversity and inclusivity. Born and bred in the Bay Area, she now calls Los Angeles home.

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