July 25-27, 2018 / Vancouver, BC

Lucy List / Design Lead, TELUS

Defining the strategy for a design system that is scalable and efficient

Lucy List is a product designer with 19 years of design experience in various design fields. With her background in Industrial Design from Carleton University, her training has allowed her to be able to dive into many different design professions. Lucy’s design journey began in environmental graphics and this has led her to web, exhibit and museum design.

Over the years she has developed a deep appreciation for good design. Lucy believes that good design is about solving problems in a simple and creative way by combining aesthetics and functionality.

In her current role, Lucy’s is a design lead at TELUS where she works with various cross-functional teams. As a lead, her focus is defining the strategy for a design system that is scalable and efficient for team members; with the aim of creating a consistent experience for TELUS customers.

She has co-founded three companies, a design consultancy, an online bag and paper goods store, and more recently an online app called Me in a Nutshell (www.meinanutshell.com). This is an app that allows you to connect all your social media accounts to create an online presence.

Outside of work, Lucy likes to knit, run the occasional half marathon, play volleyball and sing and dance with her 3 wonderful kids.