July 25-27, 2018 / Vancouver, BC

Jonathan Foster / Principal Content Manager, Microsoft

Leads the US & international writing team that creates Cortana's dialogue

Jonathan Foster works on Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana, leading the US & international writing team that creates Cortana's dialogue. His team is also responsible for the continued development of Cortana’s personality, crafting fun, personal and culturally relevant experiences across the globe. Currently, they are building an ML-powered conversational layer to support Cortana interaction – AI that is informed by and informing the development of Cortana’s personality. As a writer, Jonathan started out in film and television writing screenplays and working in development. However, he was drawn away from Hollywood by tech, starting with an interactive storytelling project that was honored by the Sundance Film Festival. Now 9 years at Microsoft, he worked on Office and Xbox prior to leading the Cortana writing team.

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