July 25-27, 2018 / Vancouver, BC

Johnathon Strebly / Director of Creative Services, HCMA Architecture + Design

Provides environments where innovative thinking is encouraged

Talk / Branded Community Engagement

As a design director, mentor, educator and advocate for creativity, Johnathon provides environments where innovative thinking is encouraged.

Johnathon brings decades of experience and involvement in the applied arts, encouraging growth and change in creative industries. As Director of Creative Services for the HCMA Architecture +Design team, he both challenges and contributes to the contemporary fabric of design today, and tomorrow.

Johnathon has directly influenced designers navigating the unique challenges of today’s design environment by developing, implementing and sharing his experience within curriculum design, advisory committees, and programming for design agencies and educational institutions.

He founded the brand strategy and communications agency The Notice Group in 2000 and is the current president of the GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada), GDC National Ethics Chair, President-Elect of ico-D (International Council of Design), and past president of CAPIC Vancouver (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators). He is also a founding committee member of CreativeMornings Vancouver and Interesting Vancouver.