July 25-27, 2018 / Vancouver, BC

Jane Makich / Lead Program Manager for Material Design, Google

Jane Makich

Jane Makich leads the team of Program Managers on Material Design, creating an environment where the design and engineering teams can do their best work. Our role is to create the system --tools, structure and culture for the team to thrive in. We take ambiguous problems and turn them into actionable projects, creating enough structure to keep things organized and on track, but not so much structure that creativity can’t flourish.

Originally from Montana, Jane trained to be a librarian and graduated from the School of Information at the University of Michigan. After a stint at the Library of Congress in the Prints & Photographs Division, before moving to San Francisco in 1998 to have an adventure. She fell in love with design in technology, and has worked for a wide variety of companies (among them, Sapient, SYPartners, Walmart.com, Palm/WebOS, LG, and Nest) to build great user experiences for the past 20 years.