July 17-19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC

Allison Biesboer / Content Designer and strategist, IBM

A designer for designers

Allison Biesboer is a Content Designer and strategist at IBM on the Designer Practices and Community team, with a background in content marketing, visual design, and animation. She is a designer for designers – serving content strategies and designing resources for the 2,500 formally-trained designers and 20,000 design and user experience professionals across IBM. Allison Biesboer coauthored the IBM Design Career Playbook, a central resource for the largest enterprise design workforce in the world to envision career paths to success. The Design Career Playbook’s mission is to define, mature, and grow design as a profession in the context of IBM and the greater industry. The playbook helps designers and design managers to grow collaborative skills, evaluate career progress, facilitate career conversations, and envision long-term paths. She is working on maturing and growing the Content Design Career through work with Content Design discipline guild at IBM, and writes regularly for IBM’s Design Magazine, Variable. She holds an MFA from the Ohio State University in Digital Animation and Interactive Media.